2015 Conference Planning

2015 Conference is set for OCTOBER 29th and 30th in Sacramento

And our lucky winner is~

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ACHSA 2014 Conference 2014 Trifold Flyer for download  


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Incarcerated More Likely to Suffer Chronic Illness and Infectious Disease (hello)

Report: Incarcerated People More Likely to Suffer from Chronic Illness and Infectious Disease Than Public

The federal Bureau of Justice Statistics released a new report (PDF) this month on the health of incarcerated people in state and federal lock-ups from 2011-12. The study focused on both prisoners (i.e. people serving longer sentences) and jail inmates (i.e. people awaiting trial or serving shorter sentences), and found they were not only more likely to have had chronic medical conditions and/or infectious disease than the general population, but were also often denied prescription medication after admission. The report also mentions that incarcerated women and prisoners over 50 suffered at disproportionately higher rates from chronic and infectious medical conditions than the rest of the population.

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