2015 Conference Planning

2015 Conference is set for OCTOBER 29th and 30th in Sacramento

And our lucky winner is~

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ACHSA 2014 Conference 2014 Trifold Flyer for download  


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Health Coverage in Jails: a 2 part podcast series

From the National Association of Counties (NACo)

Health Coverage in Jails: Why Should it Matter to Counties?

health-and-jails_3_smThis two-part podcast will explore the importance of connecting county jail inmates with health insurance and strategies counties can use to connect individuals with care as they leave the jail and save money.

In 2012, county and other local jails admitted 11.6 million people, costing more than $70.2 billion in county justice and public safety services. Justice programs are among the largest cost centers for county governments, as they operate 3,105 county police and sheriff departments at $30.2 billion each year and spend more than $23.3 billion on correctional facilities annually. In jails across the country, inmate health care costs range from 9 percent to 30 percent of corrections spending.

Health Coverage in Jails: Provisions that Can Save Counties Money



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